Inside the Lives of Asylum Seekers in Germany

Escaping Persecution

ADRIEL, 30, is from Iran.

After converting to Christianity from Islam, Adriel left Iran with her six-year-old son to escape religious persecution. They arrived in Germany in November 2015. Adriel asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

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In 2007, Adriel left Iran with her then-husband to pursue higher studies in Malaysia. After giving birth to her son and divorcing her husband, she returned to Iran.

Suffering the stigma of being a divorced mother, she realized that she wanted a better life for herself and her son. She returned to Malaysia to finish her studies. In Malaysia, her son was diagnosed with autism and hyperactivity (ADHD). It was also during this time period that Adriel converted to Christianity.

Upon returning to Iran, Adriel feared for her safety. She used forged Brazilian papers to travel with her son from Iran to Budapest. The authorities caught them, but didn’t send them back. She hired a drive to bring them from Budapest to Germany, and they arrived in November 2015.

Frustrated by the asylum system in Germany, Adriel relocated to the UK in March 2016.